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Most projects involve highly confidential material but even so a good example of current work was publicly available online.  However, the client's site was redesigned and the document was replaced with something different (and of lower quality), so I have retained a copy of my original.

Other samples are also available.  Some are hard copy only (and digital images will be added to this site shortly), others are viewable online here:

Standard Documentation:

1. An executive summary draft email, to be sent to all senior management from CEO downwards
2. A Sales Memo for (1), showing the same information retargeted for a different audience (sales support)
3. A user manual for a new GUI product (written originally in Word 97)
4. A PowerPoint 2000 presentation for systems analysts
5. An operators' guide (written originally in Word 2000)
6. A documentation numbering system proposal document (originally written in Word 97)
7. Part of a set of Excel based lookup tables for (6)
8. COM Object (API) documentation (in edits) related to (3)
9. Sample document containing equations (PDF)  (Word original)

More to come shortly...

XML-based Documentation:

1. TBD

Adobe Acrobat is required to view the samples, and some of the files are large (2M+).

The documents were written using a combination of my own software offsite and clients' software onsite, materials being transferred when necessary between my office and clients' sites using my DSL Internet connection.







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